Monday, 1 August 2011

Folligny, Manche, France.

A very important railway junction even today but during WW2 it was a major artery for troop movements and later would have been used for V1 & V2 deliveries. The allies targeted all the railways  behind the D-day lines and bombed them constantly. Being such an important junction it needed an anti-aircraft defence and an air-raid precaution for staff on the railways, troops & civilians caught up in the war.

A Flak tower was built to look like a water tower which may have held a 2cm AA gun, several air-raid shelters and defensive positions.
ftLeft : the site of the junction.    Right : an air-photo taken during or after a bombing raid on the railway. 1944.

Left : a view across the railway lines to the new water tower and in front the Flak tower and the air-raid shelter.                                                   Right : a close up of the Flak tower.
 Left : 2cm Flak gun.
Left : one of the two defence positions and stairs down to the shelters.  Right: one of two air-raid shelter in very good condition. 

not very good plan. 
We have to thank Bernard Defortescu Maire de Folligny and his council for opening up the shelters to the public.
A memorial to the railwaymen who lost their life's during the occupation  and liberation.                                                                                                                        

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