Saturday, 25 June 2011

RAF Warmwell, Dorset

RAF Warmwell was an expansion period pre WW2 airfield used as an Armament Practice Camp. When war started it found its self in the front line with Hurricanes and Spitfires covering Southampton, Exeter and Bristol. Later it became a forward operating airfield for fighters to roam into France. Then with the run up to D-day the Americans arrived with P-38 Lightening’s. October 1945 and Warmwell closed.

What is left? Plenty if you wish to look. The gymnasium is now used by the village as a hall, the control tower is now a private house. Two Bellman hangars remain and in the woodland to the south east there are many hut bases, blast shelters and the odd emergency water supply. To the west a woodland, Knighton Wood sitting with sand quarries all around it. There are many fighter pens, hut bases, cannon stop butts and several trenches remain to be found.

Red square - Knighton Wood.
Blue square - extent of airfield.

 Fighter Pen Knighton Wood

                        Air-raid blast shelter 50man.
Airfield plan.

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